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    Mille Centum was born out of an idea, a desire for something never ending, defying the trends and boundaries of time. The ideas were from the very start crystal clear. We knew exactly what kind of feelings we wanted our products to provoke into the by passer, to the observer and finally to its bearer. We wanted to transmit the feeling of uniqueness, the power of will to improve and to find inner nobility – the inner Count. The world is full of luxurious things, places and more importantly moments. Our vision is to create a perfect symbiosis with all the things of a higher meaning, whatever they may be for the single person.

    Montecristo is one of the world’s most renowned premium brands, bringing fine Cuban craftsmanship and undisputable quality to the world for decades. The challenge to incorporate the classic and luxurious sensation of the name Montecristo into the fragrance Deleggend was a highly enjoyable one. We aimed to create a scent that was as timeless as its brand, a mysterious but yet fresh scent with a woody depth not foreseen. A scent to be worn by a bon vivant; a confident person appreciating the mysteries of life but at the same time enjoying the small moments of every day. A scent bringing its bearer to higher feelings of luxury, of determination and firmness, allowing him to find his inner passion.

    The plan was to create one fragrance only. But inspired by the many faces of the Count of Montecristo by Alexandre Dumas, we felt the urge to develop the alter egos of Montecristo. Et viola! The result was BLANC and NOIR, bringing us much pride and satisfaction. BLANC with its light, perky freshness was sprung out of the big city beat, the never ending flow that only a big city can produce. Whereas NOIR, with its rich fulfilling musky scent gives an aire of masculinity and was inspired by a desire for foreign places and lost times of flying carpets and sandy dunes.

    Our thought and vision was not to create three fragrances strongly separated from each other, appealing to completely different persons. But to salute the versatility of man and create one MontecristoDeleggend, with three different faces suitable for whatever mood or situation life may bring you.


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